This cutie pie, Charlie, came to us for repair of multiples fractures to her jaw that happened while she was playing with the family dog. Her lower jaw was fractured in 3 different places and her upper jaw also sustained a fracture.  Often these types of fractures are repaired with wiring and/or some type of bonding.  Typically, we reduce the fracture by re-aligning the jaw in its normal position and stabilize it with wire and/or bonding, but because Charlie was just an eight-week-old kitten and so very little we weren’t able to repair it by our standard method. Instead we used a relatively new procedure called the Labial Locking with Buttons Method in which after achieving proper alignment, two buttons on each side of her nose were sutured in place and anchored to another button under her jaw, thereby providing stability to.  A feeding tube was then placed so she could be fed a calorie dense food to keep up with her growing needs.  Charlie responded well to the treatment and had the buttons removed about two weeks after the procedure.  At her last appointment she was doing great, we were able to achieve good jaw alignment, she was eating and growing well, and most importantly she was a happy kitty.  Everyone fell in love with this kitty that we nicknamed “Charlie Buttons”

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