Leo – Our Pet of the Month!

Leo came to Dentistry for Animals because of a large mass. The Biopsy was performed at Leo’s family veterinarian and he was then referred to us for the surgical removal of the mass. The mass was a  peripheral odontogenic fibroma which is a benign tumor but can be aggressive locally. Although it was not cancerous, the mass was re-growing rapidly. Dr. Force performed a marginal mandibulectomy. A mandibulectomy is a resection of part of the mandible.

The surgery can be a rim mandibulectomy (in which only the bone, teeth and adjacent soft tissues are resected with margins appropriate to the type of tumor and the mandible’s continuity is maintained) or segmental (where a complete segment of the mandible is removed). Leo recovered very well and is now a very happy boy without that large mass in his mouth!

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